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Laser marking machine marks the outstanding performance of flexible circuit board
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  The current flexible circuit board is mainly composed of printed circuit board with polyimide or polyester film as the substrate, which has the characteristics of high assembly density, small size, light weight, etc., and is widely used in the connection parts of electronic products. At present, it is in the stage of small industrial scale but rapid development. It has very good electrical properties, can adapt to the current micro, high precision installation design needs, is now electronic products miniaturization and mobile design preferred material. Free bending, coiling, folding, bending is difficult to damage wire for many times, can be accordance with the requirements of space layout is arranged, can achieve components in different space and integration of wire connection, greatly reduce the volume weight of electronic products, is now the electronic products high density, miniaturization, high reliable guarantee.




  With the development of flexible circuits, smaller and more complex flexible circuit boards will become the future development direction in the future. Traditional processing methods are difficult to meet the processing needs due to the limitations of their own conditions. In order to achieve more refined flexible circuit design, more refined processing solutions are required. Because now the ultraviolet laser marking machine, laser beam with high energy, the effect on the polymer materials such as PI to light energy into chemical energy, in the role of precision of laser beam, part of the change of chemical bond connection material atoms and molecules, so as to achieve the purpose of surface treatment, in this process due to processing time, energy, focus, so almost no damage machining surfaces, whether in the machining accuracy and quality of the above, this can be effectively guaranteed. Although the price of the current ultraviolet laser marking machine is still more expensive than the traditional processing equipment, but the marking process requirements, but now other processing methods are difficult to reach. It is believed that in the future laser technology will strongly give the current flexible processing more refined processing solutions, for the future flexible circuit to smaller, more complex to provide a strong guarantee.

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